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Posted by postman on 27th May 2016 in Internet Services

How Effective Is It to Advertise in Facebook? There are many Facebook advertisers who report that their ad campaigns did not turn up very good results. People are picky and many like to window-shop before they actually buy anything, nowadays. They now look around a lot more, and give serious thought before they buy. For many goods that you can buy in stores, there is not much difference between the brands, they almost generic, so price is often the sole determinant factor whether to buy it or not. Therefore, since these generic products are sold in many other online stores, potential customers can very easily find them and compare their prices. Goods that are not particularly distinct from others and are not the cheapest available may not fare well in Facebook. However, if a product is unique and stands out in its market, then price is not so much of a factor. Then, it becomes only a matter of spreading the word, and Facebook can do this service for you. In order to market successfully, we need a sufficient amount of Internet traffic to reach out to the right customers in our promotions and advertisements. Who are your likely customers? What are their interests and activities? Which places do they frequent? It is a great advantage to be able to zero in on their exact location where they can be reached.
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Women’s shoes and handbags are not advertised in men’s publications. Marketers are most active during the Christmas season and less so during off seasons. And we don’t try to sell meat products to vegetarians.
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Success often depends on your knowing your customers well. If your customers are likely to be in Facebook, then by all means, reach out to them where they probably are. And if not, change your strategy. Facebook habitues has similar character traits and preferences. It is more directed towards social gathering, having fun, making and keeping friends and sharing experiences and other personal matters. Facebook users often join similar organizations and groups and enjoy indulging in similar activities. Don’t sell what you want or think your customer needs, ask him what he wants and needs and sell him that. Most sales to Facebook users are consumer products. Products that relate to having fun, especially if together with your friends, eating out, vacationing spots, recreational activities, travel and leisure should do very well. Also, those products that help you improve yourself or those that evoke strong emotions. Goods preferred by social clubs professional organisations and community groups. Products that appeal to the senses. If your product belongs to any of these preferred goods and also, for you to profit from the consistently high Internet traffic that Facebook enjoys, you might consider mounting your own promotional campaign in Facebook. Whatever you decide: Good luck to you! Whatever your decision, bravely go ahead and just do it.

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