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A Guide to Purchasing Custom Curtains

In America, the average cost of window treatment, draperies, or curtains is 231 dollars per window. In addition to adding stylishness and dimension to your living space, the ideal curtain can assist you in insulating your home and reducing air conditioning costs. For a more personalized touch, you may want to go for the custom curtains and not the off-the-shelve window treatments. However, it might not be a straightforward feat trying to find the right selection when there is a myriad of options in the market. It is easy to get confused as you cannot tell which option is best for you. Here are some significant aspects to take into account to ensure you are buying the right custom curtains.

First thing first, you ought to check the fabric of the custom curtain before buying. The perfect cloth will depend on the kind of space you’re decorating?silk, linen, as well as the velvet at the materials that will drape best. When walking into the showroom, make sure you fold the fabric back like an accordion. How it falls is precisely how it drapes in your living space. You can pick silk or linen if you are looking for an option for a room where privacy is not a priority when the sun is up. They will ensure that your house is well lit as they allow light through. Faux silk doesn’t weaken or fade fast like real silk. Some fabrics are designed to assist you in keeping heat from escaping through the window. Before deciding on an option, make sure you verify whether or not your curtains can be machine-washed. This is typically possible with cotton curtains.

Regardless of the fabric you pick, exposure to sunlight will make it fade over time. If you’re draping curtains in a munificently sunny space, bright shades may not make the best options as they tend to fade the quickest. Pick a color that will highlight the patterns in your area without needing to match them. Pick something close to your wall-color; however, in a somewhat brighter or darker shade. Neutral colors fade the least.

Hanging window treatment higher on your wall will give the impression that your window is more significant than it is. Consider hanging six inches above the window frame at the least. Also, leave an additional four to eight inches on the sides of your window. That ensures that you can maximize on the glass once the curtain is open. However, for a draped style, make sure you pick a curtain that is double the width of your window. For a custom-made option, curtain panels need to be two inches broader than the window.

Last but not least, check the length of the custom curtains. It would help if you always thought of how long the curtains should drape or fall. For shorter selections, the edges should merely touch the window ledge. Recently, other curtain lengths have gained popularity. When your window treatment falls one or two inches above the floor, it is considered to be breaking the floor or pooling the floor.

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