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Posted by postman on 31st August 2015 in Web Resources

How To Select A Web Hosting Service There are millions of web hosting providers in this modern world to the point that it become daunting to figure out which one is best for our needs. These web hosting providers are offering tons of web hosting services to make things a lot more challenging. The shared, reseller and dedicated hosting are the commonly opted services by people and each of it has a different purpose. To be able to know which one is for you, I recommend that you keep on reading. Number 1. Shared web hosting – undoubtedly, this hosting services is quite popular. To put it simply, the shared hosting service is sharing a portion of bandwidth and disk space provided by the web hosting company on high powered server. There are plenty of websites in the internet that are being hosted on such server and the hosting firm has several of these servers stored in a big data centre. Say for example that your site reaches less than 2000 visitors per day and you are looking for a great hosting service, then the shared web hosting service will be the one that fits your needs.
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Number 2. Reseller web hosting – this is a very popular and a low cost solution to start up your web hosting business. There are a couple of types that reseller hosting has and these are the reseller of services and the private label services.
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The most ideal reseller plan is the private label because this allows you to have full control over consumer’s websites. Through private label plan, it is letting the reseller to keep full monthly payment of webhosting customer but the reseller have to pay a monthly charge to the parent hosting company for reseller space. Basically, the more the hosting accounts are under the private label reseller, the bigger the profits that they can make. Reseller service plans on the other hand are intended to resell regular web hosting plans of bigger web hosting company. But you can potentially get discounted price by offering it to consumer and pay lesser monthly fee as long as that customer remain in the service. Number 3. Dedicated web hosting – this is the most cost efficient and at the same time, powerful solution of hosting big and busy websites without having to resort in buying your own equipment and forking out hundreds of dollars per month for a decent speed internet connection. When it comes to dedicated hosting, this just consist of a single server, which is intentionally for your personal use. Simply put, you have the chance of inputting your personal configuration options that suit your needs and requirements.

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