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The Basics Of Driving For Uber

Posted by postman on 28th January 2017 in Employment

Taxi drivers must go through an expensive licensing process. The process includes passing an physical exam from an occupational health facility and getting a passenger endorsment. While these are not bad requirement, they can increase the costs of anyone who wants to go in business for himself. Driving for Uber is a simpler process. All someone needs is a car, and a mobile phone app, a clear criminal history, a clean driving reord, a reliable vehcile and automobile insurance. 
How Does One Become an Uber Driver
Although driving for Uber is not a typical taxi driver job, there is still an application process. It starts by answering a few simple questions on the company’s website. When he submits the form, the company performs the driving record and criminal history check mentioned above. Applicants receive approval within a few weeks. When they are approved by the service, they will receive a free cell phone. Drivers use the app to locate their clients and to do the necessary bookkeeping. Clients pay the service and drivers receive a weekly paycheck. It can come through Paypal or to his bank account.
What is the Relationship Betweeen Uber and the Driver?
Uber drivers work under an independent contractor arrangement. Although they must follow certain standards, they must be able to work independently. Unlike a normal desk job or a factory job, the worker will not have someone consistently looking over his shoulder. How much or how little a person makes depends on traffic and personal initiative.
What About Fees?
Uber drivers get to keep most of their money, although there is a 15% fee taken off from the total amount collected. It can go as low as 10% depending on the duration of the trip. Applicants should check the terms carefully so they understand the costs. Vehicle maintenance and fuel costs must also be considered.
People who work for the ride sharing services may not get the cool  taxi sign even though they will face many of the sames risks taxi drivers do. As independent contractors, they receive more freedom than those who do work for traditional taxi companies. People who sign up to provide transportation can set their own hours, and they can choose more fuel-efficient vehicles than the used police cruisers taxi cab companies often favor. There is also much less red tape for the Uber driver to cut through. No one wants to spend his time buried in a mountain of paperwork.

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