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Vegetarians Can Now Easily Switch to the Vegan Diet

Posted by postman on 20th November 2016 in Foods & Culinary

The difference between vegetarianism and veganism is slight but very important. While vegetarians don’t eat any meat, they don’t necessarily eliminate all animal byproducts from their lives. Vegans, on the other hand, don’t eat meat, eggs, milk, honey or any other animal byproduct. They also do not use leather, fur, wool or soaps derived from animals. The diet of a vegan is much more restricted than that of a vegetarian. Since many recipes use eggs, preparing a gourmet meal can be challenging. At least that was the case before an egg substitute was created by Hampton Creek.

With a non-animal product that mimics the qualities of eggs, Hampton Creek has been able to bring new foods to the table of vegans around the world. Another advantage is that the foods are affordable and available in mainstream stores where the average consumer can purchase them. This makes it much easier for people who really want to live a vegan lifestyle but don’t want to eat bland foods. The benefits of veganism have been well established but the available foods haven’t kept pace with the trend. Now, with the availability of vegan egg substitute and snacks, anyone can eliminate animal byproducts from their life and still enjoy a tasty and varied diet.

By including these foods, the vegan diet can be a lot more interesting. Foods that were once off limits can be included with the help of a vegan egg substitute. By using Beyond Eggs in cooking and a product like Just Mayo for seasoning, a vegan or a vegetarian who would like to start living the vegan lifestyle can eat the things others do without compromising their diet or feeling guilty. These foods offer options that simply weren’t available before.

These new ingredients are based on science and are actually very flavorful. Vegetarians who try them find they don’t even need to use eggs in their cooking anymore. This is often a huge factor in making the transition from vegetarianism to veganism. The option to use Just Mayo as a condiment and even eat raw cookie dough in Just Dough revolutionizes the vegan food industry.

Energy, Health, and Cleaning the Body: What Makes Matcha Green Tea so Popular?

Posted by postman on 20th November 2016 in Foods & Culinary

Buyers are showing that they love the 100% organic matcha green tea available at They want more of its great properties and contents. Why is that so? people who are not in-the-know are harmlessly asking, what is matcha tea?

Matcha tea is a tea that comes in a powder form. There are a few suppliers, but one of the most popular is Kiss me Organics with their blend of USDA approved 100% organic tea. The matcha tea is not a source for quick boost in energy. The energy is supplied in small amounts at a slow pace. For one, this avoids the often inevitable drop in sugar which comes from sugar and/or caffeine drinks, such as soda and coffee.

The slow release of energy caused from the natural caffeine matcha tea is one of the main reasons why it is so popular. Tea drinkers despise that crash that comes from indulging in a little extra tea for their morning or afternoon. The energy supplied lasts all day, and that allows them to retain some extra focus.

Most green tea in bags actually removes a lot of the potential health content. That is because the tea leaves need to be focused into a small bag. They are not using the entire leaf. They may also be synthesizing out certain properties, which devalues how healthy the drink is.

The USDA 100% organic matcha green tea must exist as a powder. It uses the entire leaf- not just sections that are picked out through a machine process. The natural contents are even more pronounced because of the way the powder is mixed and processed. The process allows the manufacturers to boast 137 different antioxidants in the powder. That is almost double (and often triple) what competing products can display.

Versaitlity is another one of the main reasons tea drinkers are enamored with matcha 100% organic tea. The powder gives it flexibility. It can be used in lattes and smoothies. It can be used as a baking addition for creating some wonderful pastries. Teabags cannot boast that flexibility because they are restricted to being dipped in a cup and soaked.