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A DOS Emulator — Getting Those Old Games to Run!

Posted by postman on 10th October 2016 in Software

If you would like to know how to use a DOS emulator to run games, then listen up.  You may be surprised to know it’s easier than one might think!

Modern Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows XP or 7 will not run games requiring the DOS operating system—frustrating, isn’t it?   But all is not lost!  Game-lovers who want to play those “oldies-but-goodies” games which require the DOS operating system do have an option, and in this case it’s a program that will enable them to emulate, or specifically imitate, DOS!  Yep, it’s true!   It may sound too good to be true, but DOS emulators actually reconstruct the operating system which enables old games to run; and everyone’s happy!

Not to throw a wrench into the good news, but it should be stated that using the old games can be a bit of a challenge and the fact remains that some older games will never run on Windows, even with the help of an emulator; but that’s about as bad as the bad news gets.  The good news is this:  some DOS emulators work well enough so that some, or most, old games can run!

There are a few simple steps to using a DOS emulator; and here goes:

What you’ll need:

You won’t need much — just a D-Fend-DosBox emulating system and DOS games.

What to do and how to do it:

1:  Click the D-Fend-DosBox emulating program icon on your computer.  This will begin the install. 

2:  If your computer uses Windows XP, select the settings option, “Use Program Folder for Settings“.   If Windows Vista or Windows 7 is used, select the option, “Use Profile Settings”.

3:  Unzip the old DOS games into a folder titled, “games”.

4:  Find the administrator’s “add” button at the top of the file menu and give it a click.

5:  From the drop-down menu that appears, select the “Add from Template” option.

6:  Concerning the operating template or interface window, take a guess at what you think might work the best with the game you wish to run.  Choosing the interface can require a fair amount of guesswork so don’t be surprised or overly frustrated  if you find yourself having to select different templates to get your game to display properly on the screen.

7:  In the upper user menu, click “Game Profile.”

8:  Enter the game-profile settings that are compatible for your DOS game.  You’ll include name, template and graphics; and once that is complete, hit “Save“.  By saving the profile settings, you’ll be doing yourself a favor since it will prevent you from having to re-enter the settings each time you run a game. 

9:  Delete the “Images” folder that D-Fend installs on your computer and select “games” as the main operating folder.

10: Within the D-Fend admin window, click and run the game which will be viewable in full-screen mode.  To end a game running in DOS emulation mode, simple hit the “ESC” key.  If that doesn’t work, other options to terminate a game would include 1) hitting the “CTRL” and “Tab” at the same time 2) hitting “CTRL” and “ALT” and “Delete”, simultaneously.

11:  Enjoy!

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Cisco CCNA Wireless (640-722 IUWNE): The Complete Course

Posted by postman on 29th April 2016 in Software

Cisco CCNA Wireless (640-722 IUWNE): The Complete Course

Cisco CCNA Wireless (640-722 IUWNE): The Complete Course

This 12+ hour course is the only material you’ll need to be fully prepared for Cisco’s CCNA Wireless certification exam!

Taught By: Lazaro Diaz

Learn more, and enroll at: Cisco CCNA Wireless (640-722 IUWNE): The Complete Course

Course Details

Welcome to Cisco’s CCNA Wireless course for the (640-720) IUWNE certification!

This course is over 12+ hours in length and will cover all the needed subjects to be successful in helping to prepare and pass the CCNA Wireless exam.

This course packs a punch!…not only will the student acquire the knowledge needed for Cisco’s certification exam; but what is learned herein will be transferable to the real world for a small and/or Enterprise environment.

Students will get an in-depth understanding of networking, using wireless routers along with switches and their various configurations and connections. Students will learn about different types of wireless topologies, wireless RF fundamentals, wireless standards and an introduction to wireless security.

This course will also prepare the student in Layer 2 technology and its various configurations, such as; VLAN?s, Inter-VLAN communication & Trunking.

Students will also acquire the basic understanding needed to secure their wireles networks using the following techniques and protocols; PSK. 802.1x, WPA/WPA2 with EAP-TLS, EAP-FAST, PEAP and LEAP.

Student will learn how to install the Cisco Unified Wierless Network (CUWN), how to setup the WLC management, manage stand alone AP’s, and be able to troubleshoot, maintain wireless networks.

This is a full comprehensive course that will take you from A-Z in your quest to acquire the Cisco Wireless Certification!

A Simple Plan For Researching Golfing

Posted by postman on 18th January 2014 in Software

The Main Benefits Provided by Golf Management Software Golf management software is to be regarded as an essential tool when it comes to the automation of any golf business as it is designed to improve the current efficiency, your customer service capabilities but also your own staff productivity without having to invest a small fortune in it – for instance, you can use golf management software in order to free up your staff and make its members more able to focus on customer service instead. Streamlining your course operations in an efficient way is only one of the main benefits provided by golf management software – for instance, such software will significantly reduce your operational costs by integrating all the aspects related to your golf business operations in order to both increase your profits and save your time and efforts. When it comes to using golf management software, you may rest assured that the efficiency of your golf business will be improved as well – for instance, all the customers’ payments and activities are going to be tracked and integrated in order for you to stay up to date with everything that happens in your golf business.
How to Achieve Maximum Success with Products
Efficient inventory management is another benefit provided by golf management software – for instance, all your equipment and merchandise is going to be managed in an efficient way because golf management software will track all the inventory levels in order to make sure that you are properly stocked in order to maximize all your future sales and revenues.
How I Achieved Maximum Success with Products
Another great thing about golf management software is the fact that you are going to be provided with regular reporting and this is going to save you some time and also eliminate the possible human errors – for instance, such automated reports are going to increase the participation in your golf business and also the rate of return by providing you with some really efficient targeted marketing. Once you decide to use golf management software, you may rest assured that you are going to be provided with reliability and improved security – for instance, all your golf related transactions will be tracked down and processed through an extremely secure and also centralized database meaning that your funds and business oversight will be improved as well. Once you decide to use efficient golf management software in your golf business, you will also be provided with reliable and valuable customer insight meaning that you are going to get the chance to improve your future decision-making processes, marketing strategies, seasonal rates and sales efforts in order to get the best out of your initial investment – also, you will be able to improve your brand loyalty by identifying and targeting your customers’ needs, maximizing your business participation and increasing your future sales and revenues.

Lessons Learned from Years with Services

Posted by postman on 18th January 2014 in Software

Protecting Your Software Infrastructure With a Source Code Escrow Account Nearly all businesses in today’s world have been making a bit of a transition over to the use of computers, which is a change from where the way things have gone. This is primarily because most of the world is operated through various computer systems nowadays. Any company that is going to succeed in business is going to have to find the right kinds of software programs that can help them get the most out of your operations. One of the biggest problems that companies have whenever they are thinking about investing in new software is knowing what kind of support they are going to get. When you are investing in a company that will provide you with customized software, it’s important to figure out whether or not you will be able to continue receiving support on it for the length of your contract. A loss of the company has often meant that companies who have invested in their software have lost access to updates; in some cases they can’t even access their own software purchases. If you are concerned that your chosen software company will be going out of business, the best thing you can do is to register for some kind of source code escrow. There are many kinds of software escrow arrangements that can be made in order to provide software protection for companies that need it, and different types are going to work better for different kinds of companies. Regardless of what plan is chosen, however, the important thing is that having some kind of disaster recovery system in place is going to make life easier for everyone involved in using new software.
Why People Think Disasters Are A Good Idea
You’ll find that most kinds of software that you purchase will be designed to be used by multiple companies. This means that a number of companies will tend to need some form of software protection for all of their needs. When this kind of a situation arises, you will turn to a multi-beneficiary escrow arrangement to keep the software secure. You may want to think about a multi-vendor escrow arrangement if you have a couple of types of software that you need for your operations.
The Path To Finding Better Technology
You will often find yourself in a situation, though, where you will want to seek out a software escrow system that is a little bit more unique. In this kind of a scenario, you will turn to a single beneficiary escrow arrangement in order to ensure that only your company has the ability to use the source code in any situation.

The 10 Laws of Companies And How Learn More

Posted by postman on 13th January 2014 in Software

Grow and Expand Your Company with Network Marketing Software Upon the advancement of network marketing, software has also been developed. With this acceleration, internet marketers have felt the great good change of convenience and good results. Software makes all your efforts automated and this is not new to us. However, if your are a beginner in this field, you need to follow proper guidelines so you too can achieve success. Let’s Enumerate the Benefits of Utilizing Network Marketing Software
The Beginners Guide To Marketing (Finding The Starting Point)
Network internet software, for the experts, is a brilliant way to succeed in internet marketing. Let’s take a look at the most promising advantages that awaits every internet marketer.
A Quick Overlook of Marketing – Your Cheatsheet
1. This can give you greater chances of achieving success since it can convey regular marketing efforts that is a key to real marketing results. 2. This helps you stimulate the method of how you perform things in the marketing while identifying if it is yielding good fruit or not. 3. With network marketing software, you will be able to do several tasks at one time. As there are multiple benefits that you can enjoy with network marketing software, you also have to take note that you can only enjoy those when you have picked the right software. Please continue reading as there are some hints on how to determine the best network marketing software. Factors to Acknowledge Actually, there are many choices of marketing software as there are hundreds of those in the market, and each software advertises to help you in your business. Some software are high-priced while others are affordable. There are also software that has limited features while some have broader range. However, these are not the key factor when you are about to choose a network marketing software for your own. The key factor is to take note of why and what you really need with a network marketing software. This way, you won’t be comprising the quality of the software as well as you won’t be wasting your money on the features that you don’ really need. – Compensation Plan It is very important to take note at the compensation plan of your company before you choose a network marketing software. With this, you can choose the kind of compensation plan supported by your company. – History and Reputation Before picking a software, make sure that you have check out its history and reputation. Of course, it will be a great deal to use a software from a well reputable company. – Consider the Speed You must consider how fast the software runs before choosing it. This is actually one of the benefits and reason why most people are considering to use network marketing software. This means slow software is never good to choose.

Smart Ideas: Insurance Revisited

Posted by postman on 12th January 2014 in Software

The Perks Of Utilizing Insurance Agency Management Software These days, there are lots of industries that reap the benefits showcased by technology. Insurance sector is among the industries that took advantage of the numerous benefits of making use of technology and this scenario resulted to the development of diverse types of products and services geared in improving relations with clients. Nowadays, you can find lots of insurance companies that utilized to boost relations with their customers as well as improving efficiency. Should you have reached this far in reading this article, then probably you want to know what insurance agency management software is and how you can benefit from its use. The Advantages Of Utilizing Insurance Agency Management Software 1. There are numerous insurance firms that used insurance agency management software because it helps them efficiently organize the tasks of insurance agents. This is an effectual method of giving agents additional time to find new clients as well in increasing the sales of the company.
Why Technology Aren’t As Bad As You Think
2. It eliminates numerous tedious paper works. By using this application software, insurance companies and agents can produce diverse types of reports whenever they want to.
A 10-Point Plan for Software (Without Being Overwhelmed)
3. Simply because this software is Internet-based, insurance agents can work from the comfort of their homes. 4. Insurance agents can monitor their work even if they are on travel. This lets insurance companies reduce manpower expenditures as well as having a bigger office space. 5. Businessmen can monitor the performance of their businesses wherever they are and whenever they want to. This can be done simply because insurance agency management software is hosted with the use of computer servers. 6. It enables them to become competitive and edge over competitors. 7. With the use of the insurance agency management software, insurance agents can get connected with their clients by sending business correspondence, emailing and chatting, thereby boosting their customer relations efforts. By using this software, insurance agents can improve their relations with their clientele. 8. They can also monitor the status of the accounts of their customers. They can identify what accounts are overdue and updated in terms of payments. 9. You can use insurance agency management software in conjunction with diverse kinds of social media networks like Twitter, Facebook as well as LinkedIn. 10. Insurance companies can use the insurance agency management software to hand out online periodicals, newsletters and updates to their clients. The perks and advantages showcased in this article simply proved why insurance agency management software are famous among insurance firms and agents in various countries across the world.

The Key Elements of Great Phones

Posted by postman on 9th January 2014 in Software

Saving Money on Cell Phone Unlocking In the twenty first century, cells phones are more valuable than ever. They effect our lives in countless ways. A good cell phone allows you to stay in touch with your friends from any place on the planet. Unfortunately, though, you may not have access to all of your cell phone’s features. The vast majority of cell phones are made to work with only one carrier. By unlocking your cell phone, you can dramatically improve its usability. The advantages to cell phone unlocking are countless. The biggest benefit is that you will now be free to choose any service company. Keep in mind that there is no way to accurately predict the future. While a certain service provider may seem good now, you may find a better offer in a few months. With a regular phone, you’ll be stuck with the service provider that you already have. It’s worth pointing out that it is actually very easy to have your phone unlocked. To get started, you should go online. There are any number of webpages that have good information about the unlocking process. Before you do anything else, you should log on to your preferred search engine. This process will be much easier if you have your model number written down. As you know, every cellphone is unique. An unlock code that works on one phone may not work on another. If you don’t know your phone’s model number right now, it’s usually located on the box. A second approach is to look through the instruction manual. A third approach is to look next to the phone’s battery. As soon as you have the model number, you’ll be ready to unlock your phone. If your cell phone is important to you, it’s a good idea to explore the unlocking process. Never forget that consumers benefit from competition. If you don’t have many options, you may not get a reasonable rate. By unlocking your cell phone, you will be free to find better offers.
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Services? This May Help
It should be pointed out that cell phone unlocking is one hundred percent legal. Once your contract ends, there is no reason for you to stay with a subpar service provider. Another benefit of cell phone unlocking is that it improves your phone’s resale value.
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Services? This May Help
As you may know, it usually costs a few dollars to unlock a cell phone. This small sum will usually vary from one website to another. By comparing multiple rates, you should be able to find a relatively low fee.

What Research About Websites Can Teach You

Posted by postman on 9th January 2014 in Software

Finding What You Need through Internet Classified Ads The internet classifieds are among the most excellent methods for you to promote a business to the market. In the previous years, the classified ads can only be seen in printed materials like newspapers and magazines. With the technological advancements, there are now modern methods of advertising that companies use apart from traditional advertising. With the various advantages that you can get when you use the internet, going back to the life without internet is now very difficult. Most people these days depend a lot on the internet even in providing classified ads through different websites. It is now hard to find small or big firms that don’t make use of this advertising method. What’s great about the internet classifieds is that you don’t have to spend a big budget of the company’s money. The internet classifieds are now known to be the most effective means to express ideas as well as exchange information. The internet users can access the different information that are being posted through such websites. It is important for the internet classifieds to have a well-structured and precise information. The classified ad websites that you will be able to find online are really accessible and offers different types of essential information. As compared to magazine, TV and radio advertisements, the internet classifieds are more affordable and they are able to reach a wider market too. The three most searched sections on internet classified are business services, property and jobs. When it comes to promoting offers and in searching for manpower, the many companies make use of these ads to connect to the public. The job section informs the public regarding employment opportunities. This can effectively attract the attention of the qualified workers who are looking for work. Those who are interested about part-time jobs may also search for work with the use of these classified websites.
The Beginners Guide To Ads (What You Need To Know To Get Started)
Internet classified ads also provide links of the department to permit potential candidates to obtain corporate information and also get a preview of what the job requires. With the property section, you will get an information about properties for sale such as lands, apartments and many more. Also, you can get important information like the property’s location, the cost, the number of baths, the number of bedrooms and other things that you are looking for.
The Best Advice About Webpages I’ve Ever Written
In different countries of the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, they are using internet classifieds to access free advertisement like Middle East classifieds and others. They are now quite aware of the many advantages that they can get from this advertising method.

Short Course on Recoveries – Getting to Square 1

Posted by postman on 2nd January 2014 in Software

The Main Reason to Have a Source Code Escrow

Since most companies these days tend to rely on software to get most of their work done, you can see why investing in a good system is important. You’ll find that customized software will help your company to no end.

Since our current economic climate has different companies starting and folding every single week, it can be hard to put money into a system in which you can’t know if it will still be around. This can have a spiraling effect, as companies being wary of investing in software means that the software company will not be making enough money to sustain its business. You’re going to find that companies suffering in this way will then stop developing new and innovative software, which is no good for anyone. When there is the possibility that software updates are no longer going to be forthcoming, there is little incentive to switch software packages.

In order to keep software from closing in on itself, you will find that software escrow can help. Anyone who has signed up for some kind of source code escrow will be able to have continued access to the necessary software when the original company folds. This means that you will get the benefit of great software protection when you are using proprietary code, which insures you against the loss of the original company. When everyone knows that the software is protected, then both developers and buyers will be much more confident in what they use. When you have these types of software escrow arrangements, everyone can become more successful.

If you are thinking about spending some money on a technology escrow account, then you have to make absolutely sure that you’re getting a good contract. You will have to determine just what number of people are members of the agreement. You’re going to want to sign up for a single beneficiary escrow arrangement if you have exclusively solicited the software from the developers who made it for you. In other situations, you’ll be dealing with a multi-beneficiary escrow arrangement, since this is going to be the standard system by which people tend to let multiple companies keep access to the software. After you’ve determined what kind of agreement to work with, your software will be perfectly safe.

It should be quite obvious that both developers and companies are going to benefit from having software escrow. Having the software source code secured in some kind of an escrow is going to encourage companies to invest in new developers on the market, which will keep all software seeming a lot more creative.

— Ronald Corpeno is a part-time writer and authority blogger. He enjoys running businesses, writing, and spending time with family. You can get more about this article by visiting the following link: software escrow You can find more of his writing on the author’s website.

Marketing – Getting Started & Next Steps

Posted by postman on 2nd January 2014 in Software

Successfully Marketing Your Company Online

When you decide that you are ready to enjoy making some money while also having a lot of control over your life, it might be helpful to open a business. Being your own business owner comes with a lot of responsibilities, but it is also helpful in letting you make all of your own decisions when you want them.

Naturally, whenever you are starting a new online venture, you will discover that the first step is to find a way to attract attention for the products and services you have for sale. While an online business can have a global reach, it is also likely to end up causing much more competition from all the other companies around the world that you must compete with. Anyone who is interested in getting the most assistance from any sort of web marketing company will want to be sure to consider the advice contained in the following paragraphs.

The main thing you will want to think about whenever you start doing work with the right internet marketing firm is ensuring that they have the most strategic internet marketing services. You’re probably going to want to use a wide range of marketing techniques to ensure that your company gets the kind of traffic you desire, but white label SEO is going to be a great starting place. Regardless of whether or not you have use SEO marketing services before, you will quickly discover that these are the tools to use when you want people to come across your products when they start searching for them.

The main benefit of using SEO marketing services online will be to improve your search engine ranking. Even though search engines are the primary method by which individuals find the things they need, all SEO marketing companies are aware that users won’t look further than the first page. For this reason, they will work tirelessly to improve your overall ranking for whatever search terms your customers use to find you. When it comes to using good SEO online marketing services, the biggest benefit that people find is that they can then absolve themselves of all responsibility. When you outsource the work, you can depend on them to take over the biggest projects.

Whenever you choose to hire a good SEO company reseller, you will find that it takes just a short amount of time for your company to start rising on the list of search results that people get. It can take a little while to find the perfect company to help you out with your SEO needs, but the effort will all be worth it.

— Brian Jardel is well know public speaker and powerful industry voice. He enjoys exercising his creativity, blogging, and and watching Family Guy. Visit the following resource for more tips: EminentSEO Marketing You can find his contact information on the author’s website.