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Protecting Your Business with Data Destruction

Company data is often extremely sensitive. The result is that each company must do everything it can to protect everyone’s privacy. Maintaining high levels of information security is a good way to get ahead of the competition. Keeping data out of the wrong hands is best done with data destruction, either by software or with the help of professionals. There are many advantages to choosing a company or a piece of software for data destruction efforts.

Defining Data Destruction

Computers, tapes, and other electronic media all store sensitive and personal information; data destruction removes it in such a way that no one can access it/read it. Removing a file is an important start to data removal, but is not sufficient for protecting private information. Since some people know how to access files that were already removed, it is important to go one step further. Data destruction software must be used to overwrite the available space with random information/data until the original file is totally irretrievable. . Protect Against a Security Breach

Destroying data properly will protect a company from a security breach. Security breach prevention is one result of using data destruction software. A data breach can have serious consequences for a company. Data handling must take a secure approach. It is especially crucial when handling private customer information. Using dedicated software and a certified company can ensure your business is protected. Implementing Quality Checks

Using professionals gives a company the chance to have quality control checks done based on a set of standards. Quality control checks ensure that data has been properly removed and that which has not been removed has been properly stored. Unfortunately, many companies who choose to do their own data destruction do not match those standards, meaning that data is not truly erased. Each legal requirement must also be met and hiring a professional service to destroy data makes this possible.

Let Your IT Staff Concentrate on Crucial Tasks

A business cannot run as smoothly if people are taken away from their main jobs. Business operations will run more smoothly because IT personnel will be released in order to do their primary work.

Securing Savings

Using vendors and products is one way to save money. It is also quite time-consuming for the members of a company to do the work themselves. Since time is money, particularly in business, it is important to ensure that services are streamlined. If a company chooses to hire outside, certified professionals to wipe the data, liability is moved to the third party and away from the business. Companies who provide these services give documentation to the companies that hired them showing who did the work. The documentation provides evidence that an outside party did the service; something that comes in handy should a court case be leveled or an IT audit need to be performed. A company can gain peace of mind by using dod data destruction services and software.

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