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The True Meaning of Being a Church

Christianity is a religion that has been around since time immemorial and accounts for quite a significant percentage of the world’s population. It definitely not a new term for everyone and a good number of people can testify to having being exposed to biblical teachings at least once in their lives. The church, which is basically a congregation of Christians is built upon individuals who have made a personal decision to be born again and become disciples of Jesus. It comes as no surprise that a lot of people often confuse the buildings dedicated to places of worship for the actual church. It may be referred to as a church, but at the end of the day, it is just a location that allows the church, which in this case refers to the individual Christians, to gather together and fellowship. The moment you grasp this concept, you begin to realize that as a Christian, you are the church. This, in turn, means that you can take church wherever you go which brings us to the responsibilities of the church.

Often times during preaching, you hear the gospel is referred to as the good news and a message of hope for the entire world. If you took time to think about all the things happening around the world especially now with a global pandemic that has everyone panicking, you begin to see the relevance of such a message of hope to help people hold on and not give up. As the church, it is our responsibility to take such a message to the entire world. It would have been a lot of work traveling around the world preaching which we would still do but today, technology has made it possible to reach millions of people easily and conveniently. Matter of fact, the gospel has never been as accessible as it is now. It is the perfect time to get in touch with people and let know about the love of God. In addition to reaching out, there also the whole other task of following up and walking with any new believers that accept the gospel and decide to get born again. This is one of the most critical functions of the church and is responsible for ensuring that new believers are rooted in the right doctrine and actually understand the word of God in the right way. It is usually the time to shape such disciples to become Christians who rightly divide the word of God and live according to it.

Another important task that the church is responsible for is directing and leading people in a way that helps them realize their purpose and calling in life. It is a chaotic world and not knowing you exist in the first place can quickly take you down the miserable path of depression. Everyone around the world is always seeking to understand why they are alive and the church together with the teachings of God help identify that exact reason.

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