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How to Qualify for a Service Dog: A Detailed Guide

There is a considerable number of service dogs in the United States. Service dogs are ideal in helping people manage various conditions such as mental disabilities as well as physical disabilities. You cannot own a service dog unless you qualify which some people do not know. Here is a comprehensive guide to the things you should know when looking for a service dog.

One of the qualifications is the category of the commonly accommodated physical disabilities. Service dogs help the disable with a few things at home. A blind person (partial or complete) can get a service dog to help with navigation. Moreover, they are ideal in sensing any lurking danger. When it comes to aiding in movement, people with osteoporosis and other similar conditions qualify. This category also includes people with autism and epilepsy because service dogs help in managing symptoms and these conditions.

A service dog is also ideal for people with conditions such as arthritis as well as allergies. Don’t hesitate to get a service dog if you need assistance with issues related to sensory disability or even mobility disability. If you have any of the conditions above, read on to discover how to get a service dog to help you with various daily activities.

Those with commonly accommodated mental disabilities can also qualify for a service dog. It is not true that those with mental disabilities have physical disabilities but service dogs are trained to handle such situations as well. They are trained to help with conditions such as anxiety. Other than the fact that emotional support animals are ideal, service dogs are known to sense emotional attack.

On the other hand, if you or your loved one has an eating disorder or even substance abuse disorders, you should find a way to get a service dog. You can rely on these dogs to spot any signs of trouble during hard times. You should not be surprised to learn that the training for these dogs also focus on skills to diffuse tense situations especially for those with angry spells.

However, for you to qualify to get a service dog, there are certain criteria you must meet. Not people of all ages are allowed to own a service dog. The least age to qualify is 12years old although those with autism but with a good family system can be eligible. Additionally., you must live in a stable home for you to provide a comfortable environment for the dog. Moreover, you cannot qualify to get a service dog if you have another dog at home because it is likely that the service dog will not be comfortable.

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