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Significance of Trees to Life

Trees are the backbone of life on earth. In the composition of our environment, the contributions made by trees makes them indispensable to its ability to sustain life. How humanity thinks it can fell trees and not replace them without any consequences is baffling.

We can already witness the effects of an imbalance in the environment, where trees have been felled and no replacements put in place. Global warming has become a subject of ridicule amongst those who deny the impact of trees on life, yet we all suffer when temperatures soar above the normal ranges.

Trees serve the primary purpose of consuming the carbon dioxide gases people and animals produce and give out the oxygen we breathe in. Trees contribute about a third of all the oxygen humanity and animals that need it to use. Imagine the devastation of our lives in case trees are no longer there.

Trees are also natural air conditioners. They keep the world cool by regulating the movement of moisture between the earth’s surface and atmosphere. Global warming is therefore managed through the presence of trees.

On a more direct level, trees help improve air quality around us. In urban settlements, the presence of trees means there is fresher and cooler air to breathe. No wonder those who live in cities cannot wait for vacation time, where they get to spend more time in nature. Trees in a residence help increase its value. They make for a beautiful as well as fresher space, driving up the sales figures for any property. Trees also help minimize the harsh impact of direct sunlight. By providing shade, as well as a cooler environment, the warm months are more bearable for those who have trees in their compound.

On a wider scale, trees help regulate the seasons. Trees are involved in the management of moisture in the air. They help in the formation of clouds, which results in rainfall, thus ensuring a steady supply of water. In arid areas where there are no trees, the lack of rainfall makes the place either inhabitable or expensive to live in, considering you have to buy water from afar. The habit of felling trees means that at this rate, we will all one day have only arid areas for homes. Trees also form homes for birds and other small animals. These animals contribute significantly to our survival on this planet. They for one help in pollination of plants around us, thus ensuring the continued existence of such plants, which in turn help purify our air and regulate the ecosystem.

When you consider the significance of trees to our lives and the balance they bring to the planet, you find it is important to ensure that we never run out of trees. Planting trees may seem like an impossible task, but it starts with you. By committing to planting trees, you will encourage others to see the light. A smart approach to the process ensures your efforts pay off greatly. You can do so by becoming a partner in a smart tree planting initiative. There are even better ways for us to plant trees, in a more cost-effective and efficient manner. You can learn more about them on this site.

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