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Posted by postman on 22nd September 2016 in Technology

The Lifeline government program is designed at providing you with landline and cell phone plans that are affordable. When you are struggling financially and you meet your state’s requirements for qualifying for the program, Life Wireless provides you with an array of ways to get a cell phone plan at little or no cost to you.

You will be able to choose from a 125 or 250 minute plan. The 125 minute plan provides you with the ability to rollover minutes while the 250 minute plan does not. Neither plan provides you with free text messages. If you choose to send and receive text messages, it will cost you one third of your entire allowance per month. If you live in Oklahoma, you also have a $1 a month plan with unlimited minutes and text messages.

When you sign up for Life Wireless , you are given two options in terms of getting a phone. You can order a free phone from the company or you can order a free SIM card. The SIM card will slip into the handset of your unlocked GSM phone. Then you simply activate and begin using the phone.

The government has created the Lifeline program so that those who are financially challenged have a way to communicate for the sake of talking with family, arranging healthcare needs, calling in an emergency, and even phoning employers. The program recently began offering cell phone coverage in addition to landline coverage and Life Wireless is one of the companies that offers cell service.

It’s important to find out whether you can be approved for the program or not. If you are already getting financial assistance from the government via another program, such as Federal School Lunch, Section 8 Housing, or Medicaid, you probably already qualify. You may have to demonstrate that you make a salary below the poverty line in order to qualify – and this can be done online in a timely manner.

After you make your application, you can find out whether you are able to be part of the program or not. If approved, you can then choose your wireless provider. Life Wireless is a regional provider with a number of benefits to offer you.

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