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Everything You Should Know About Vehicle Support Stand

When a mechanic is troubleshooting an issue or doing a replacement, they may be forced to work underneath the car. Vehicle support stands may be one of the most overlook tools in the garage, but they are of great importance. Without the support of these stands, you are likely to get injured underneath the vehicle. A vehicle support stand is used support and stabilize a vehicle.

Everyone should understand the correct way to use the stand. It comes with the manufacturer’s instructions on how you are supposed to use it. If for instance, the car has an issue on the back, people may be tempted to only jack that side. To stabilise the car; you should hook all the sides. Therefore, you should have two or more support stand on your car. Remember that when you support the car wrongly, the jack is likely to slip and thus to cause an accident.

When you are supporting your car, a floor jack is not enough. They tend to wear over time because they have moving parts. A a floor jack can quickly lower the car and thus when you are working below the vehicle, you are not entirely safe. A jack stand is more reliable, and you should always use it instead of the floor jack.

On the market, you will find different stands made up of different materials. However, aluminum and steel are the most common materials. The two materials are preferred because of the incredible support that they offer. Aluminum tend to wear out faster, and that is why steel stands have become popular. Regular inspection of the support stand is paramount regardless of the material it is made up of.

The manufacturer of the stand is essential when you are making a buying deciosion. Choose the best manufacturer. They are supposed to be engineered with the latest technology for them to be effective. You will also want something made up of lightweight materials to make them more moveable. It is recommended that you explore the online reviews which help you determine the performance of the jack from the past client. If you see a lot of criticism, then find another kind of support stand.

The weight rating of the support stand is a more important thing that you should consider. Understand the total weight of your car. If you have done any modification on the vehicle, take it into account when calculating the weight. The most common stand support are rated 3, 6 and 12 tones. You shouldn’t consider a stand that is exactly equivalent to the weight to the vehicle. It is recommended that it has more rating.

safe-n-lite support stand is the best vehicle support solutions. It offer the best support. The jacking solution is very durable and strong, and therefore anyone who is working underneath the car is assured of safety.

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