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What You Need to Know About the Email Verification Process Email verification is defined as the process by which the validity of email addresses is determined. If your business promotional campaign includes email marketing, you have to know how wasteful it would be to send emails to addresses that aren’t working or existing. This is how email verification systems make a difference. The verification process usually comes in two forms: pre-emptive verification, where it will be checked if addresses are valid and correct as they are entered into the system that stores or uses them; and retrospective verification, where addresses already in your business database are checked to make sure they are still valid and current. Advantages of Email Verification
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As a business, each effort you dedicate to your marketing strategy must pay off in the long run, and that is why you have to be sure of the specific moves you’ll make. Email marketing can indeed pay off, especially if you practice email verification. Below are some of the benefits you will enjoy if you take time to check into the email addresses on your list before you start to send out mails:
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> You will be able to save money on email delivery fees, considering that your list size will now be trimmed down to only valid and relevant addresses. There’s no need to pay an additional fee for sending messages to dud emails. > The verification process will prevent problems with email service providers who may be very strict regarding bounced email thresholds. Keep in mind that there are those with certain amounts allowed before suspending or closing your account, especially for members who are new. > When verifying email addresses, you should improve your deliverability such that you dramatically lower the number of expired emails. Your emails may be degraded by your ISP if you have a rising percentage of unknown or expired users. If you have a clean email sending from the verification process, you will be able to increase your sender reputation score. > Email verification help keep spam traps at bay. ISPs typically recycle expired email accounts to trap spam, and you can easily be blacklisted if you still have those addresses on your list. This kind of trouble can be prevented with proper verification. The benefits of email verification can be enjoyed if you pick a process or a verifying tool which utilizes innovative technology in cleaning up your mailing lists intelligently. You have to be aware of how the tool can benefit you so you can generate the best results with the verification process. The more things it can help you do, the better it can work for your business. You should also select software that’s user-friendly. Software that provides assistance with email address verification can be highly useful to your long-term email marketing efforts. Select an email verification tool which you trust can help you get the best possible results for your business.

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