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Posted by postman on 10th June 2020 in Software

Quick Points to Have in Mind When Buying RAM

There are certain things that you need to have in mind before you choose the RAM you wanted to buy. First of all, it is critical to consider buying from a vendor from the qualified vendor list. The manufacturers of the motherboard of your computer provide a list of vendors that they trust. From that list, you will be able to choose a vendor you want to trade with when buying your RAM. From that list, you will see which RAM was tested and proven to be guaranteed that it is compatible with that motherboard. To ensure maximum compatibility it is essential to ensure that you buy a RAM that is on your motherboard qualified vendor list.

Another pint that you need to keep in mind is that you have to consider the frequency. You need to know that your motherboard will only work with a Ram of a certain frequency. At times you may want to buy a faster RAM but if you do not base your choice o the motherboard, you will find that you have a faster Ram but you are forced to run at a slower rate. At times it may not work at all. Therefore thinking about the motherboard and the frequency that it can accommodate is something that is very wise to do. In general, the high frequency will perform better but it is important to think about the timings as that also plays a role.

Also when you are making your choice it is critical to think about the voltage. There are RAMs that may require a voltage that is above the regular standard. It is important when you choose such a RAM t be sure that your motherboard will be able to supply that kind of voltage. It is possible to run into over clogging when you increase the voltage beyond a certain point. You have to make sure that the voltage you use is working well with the RAM.

The other thing that is critical is timings. That refers to the delay between the commands. When you are executing commands in your computer there are timings or what is known as latency that occurs. What you to know is that you need to have lower latency or lower timings because that will reduce the latency. At the same time it lower timings d will also increase your bandwidth. It is also critical to know how much RAM you need. What you need depends also n your needs. In most cases, a 2GB RAM will work well for any system. However, if you are running something like gaming you may need to use 4 GB or more.

Think also about the warranty. There are some manufacturers who offer you a lifetime warranty. Even some will allow you to increase the voltage under warranty. You will find that RAM may look faulty when you receive it but with time it will work better. For that reason, it is important to buy from a vendor who will allow you an easy and stress-free process.

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