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Posted by postman on 6th May 2020 in Home Products & Services

Basics to Understand About Test Automation

With the world of software, it is vital that we let individuals know that there are two types of testing which include the manual and the automated one. Manual testing, which includes usability testing and discovery testing, are known to be invaluable. It will be possible to perform some other types of testing manually. However, the practice becomes wasteful if you have to repeat a similar thing many times. When these tests are repeated, then individuals have no option than to consider test automation. Test automation is that practice in which there are tests run automatically, the test data managed, and later the results are used in improving the quality of the software. Test automation has been known to be a measure when it comes to quality assurance. The activities in test automation consist of the whole software production team being committed. There is always a criterion when it comes to testing automation. It is required that a test should meet various things so that they can be automated. Failure to meet these aspects may lead to more money being used instead of saving. A key goal of automation is saving efforts, time as well as money. You should learn about the criteria when it comes to testing automation and the points are discussed here.

Repeatable is the foremost criteria in test automation. There will be a need for the test to be repeatable. It will be unnecessary to have a test automated if it only runs once. We also need to inform the people that determinant is another aspect that will make a test to be automated. When we talk of a function being determinant, we mean that its outcome will be the same each time one runs it using a similar input. For software, there are a number of variables inputs that are used, and this means that getting the same result several times can be challenging. If you check on some of the variables, they tend to be random, and determining the specific outcomes is not easy. The design of the software will easily compensate for this by allowing some test inputs to be put through a harness in a test.

Another criterion that individuals need to be aware of when it comes to testing automation is unopinionated. Matters of opinion cannot at any time be automated. In this case, there will be the use of beta testing as well as usability testing. It is critical to get feedback from the user in such cases; however, it will not be possible for this feedback to be automated.

One thing that is essential and needs to be known by all the people about automated testing is that we have several tests, and most of these tests can be automated. Ide analysis, unit tests, and automated acceptance tests are a few of these kinds. Test automation is of the essence as it helps in the improvement of the speed. You, however, need to be notified that not all tests can be automated. You need to be sure of those ones that are automated as it will be important.

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