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Posted by postman on 16th July 2020 in Real Estate

A Guide to Selling Land Without a Realtor in Florida

The demand for land is growing more and more these days. This is partly contributed by the gradual increase in the human population. When selling any piece of land, have the guarantee of getting the buyers you are yearning for first. Sometimes, as you proceed to sell a property, you may wish to do so without seeking any assistance from a realtor or lawyer. The truth of the matter is that this is possible when you follow the right procedures.

As a person living in Florida, I will use this article to enlighten you well on the things which can guide you. First and foremost, aim at getting the real parcel number of the tract of land before anything else. Know that this document carries a lot of significant information regarding the land. One of them is the precise size of the land in acres. It helps also in showing the boundary lines for the property.

It will catch your attention that a parcel number will give you details regarding the actual owners or land as well as the estimated value. Understand that the parcel number is normally given at the county level. The other step which is key in making sure that you have the right title deed for the property. In Florida, know that the clerk of the court is responsible for the organization and recording of legal documents such as a title deed.

When the title was developed 1990 and coming forward, you can easily access it online by hovering through the internet platform of the clerk of court. Make a point of also abiding by the provisions of the land ownership clauses, for instance, the probation process upon the death of an owner of the property. Make a point of concentrating more on the purchase and sales agreement which you will come up with. Know that the developing of the agreement need to incorporate several aspects and this is why not needing a lawyer makes a lot of sense.

Let it have the parcel number and the owners of the property. Never forget about the names of the buyers and the closing date. Ensure that the agreement have clear details on the price which the land is to be sold as well as the person paying for the closing cost. Besides, ensure that you never leave behind details on the person to pay for the tax as well as the earned if at all there is any. The final step is hiring a titling company.

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