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Different Types of Gas Flow Meters All residences and commercial buildings are equipped with meters for gas flow measurement. They can tell how much gas a house or business uses throughout the month. Gas flow meters attached homes and other buildings belong to the gas company so that they have a way of charging their customers. There are a variety of gas flow meters. One of the most popular gas flow meters is the diaphragm, which is also referred to as a bellows meter. They are only used to measure the gas in homes and small businesses. They get their name from a device inside of them that acts like a diaphragm by expanding and contracting to control the flow of gas. These meters incorporate water or some other type of fluid to help direct gas flow. Rotary meters are another type of gas flow meter that are almost always used in commercial buildings. Rotary meters can handle a large volume of gas and that is the reason that commercial buildings, which tend to use a lot of gas, have them installed. Rotors and pistons make rotary meters work. It is called a rotary meter because it measures the gas in rotations. Every time the meter makes a full rotation it counts as a unit of gas. The rotary meter can be calibrated to measure different amounts of gas.
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Orifice meters incorporate pipes that raise and drop the pressure. The orifice gas meter can measure the flow of gas my measuring the pressure changes. These meters are also best suited for smaller buildings because they can’t handle large flows of gas. Many people prefer them because they don’t have a lot of complicated parts inside of them; making them easy to fix.
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The most complex and technical meter of gas flow is the ultrasonic gas flow meter. They are used only in certain situations. Gas that is measured by ultrasonic meters must be free of any type of moisture. Situations where the gas is flowing at a high rate of pressure is where you see ultrasonic gas meters. They are used on huge pipelines; usually at the supplier. These meters are extremely expensive however they are the most accurate meters available. It is very important that these meters be precise because a huge amount of gas passes through them on a daily basis. If these meters get out of whack, companies stand to lose millions of dollars in profit so accuracy is very important. You may not have millions of dollars on the line but I’m sure you don’t want your gas usage miscalculated because that means that you will have to spend more money than necessary. Gas meter tampering is not unheard of. It is a good idea to protect your meter by placing a box around it.

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