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The Essence of Ministry Work

All ministry workers are well aware of the fact that work is an essential component in ministry or simply, ministry requires work. That being said, you get the most rewarding experience from ministry when the work goes beyond the abilities that you are most comfortable with. You get a rewarding experience from ministry when you do more than just what makes you feel the most comfortable, beyond your knowledge and capabilities. By doing anything you never think you could do, that is the time where you start to make God happy.

According to the Great Commission, three kinds of ministry will help you become a disciple of God. First, you have the ministry to God. Second, you have the ministry to the Body. And third, you have the ministry to non-believers.

The first kind of ministry is the ministry to God. As a ministry worker, one of the things that you need to understand about this is that all people are created to love and serve God. The strong foundation of all successful ministries goes back to prayer and Bible study. Prayer is nothing if you don’t study the Bible. That is why these two should always go hand in hand when you talk about them and act on them. In many ways, the Bible always tells people to continuously pray. Jesus is an excellent example of someone who prays continuously and has perfect knowledge of the Word of God. Christians exist to be like Jesus. The foundation of one’s life must be Bible study and prayer. They are essential to please God. For you to receive answers to your prayers, you need to keep His commands and do whatever pleases Him. With ministry work, one must have answers to their prayers for the success of the kingdom.

The second kind of ministry involves the body of believers. This cannot be achieved with kingdom success alone unless one makes an effort to minister God at all times. That is why unlike ministry to God, ministry to the Body is vague. There are reasons why this is so. Most of the time, 75% of ministry work involves doing something that you don’t feel you are gifted to do. For 20% of ministry work, it involves doing something that you have some idea of doing. Meanwhile, for 5% of ministry work, it involves doing something that you feel you are called to do.

The third kind of ministry, on the other hand, is characterized by being outward-facing. In short, these ministries take place outside the familiar, the comfort, and the walls. This kind of ministry strives to reach out to the world through Christ. Ministry to non-believers happens when you become faithful to the first two kinds of ministry.

As a ministry worker, you exist to minister to God, to the body of Christ, and to the non-believer. In all three kinds of ministry, God will make sure to provide for the needs of the minister to do the work. There is more to ministry than just discovering what you want to do and doing it. According to Jesus, you have to die to yourself. To die to oneself, one must take the self out of the equation. To die to self, you have to live according to God’s will while doing His work, which is the ministry.

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