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The Benefits of Choosing a Dedicated Hosting Provider

When it comes to hosting websites, web applications, and mail servers, businesses today have many options. In shared hosting, many websites share a single servers resources.

Dedicated hosting is for those who want to have more power and control over their website. If you choose dedicated hosting, then you rent a server from a dedicated hosting provider and you can use the servers resources exclusively. You will then be given the CPU, RAM, and disk space that you need. With dedicated hosting, your upfront costs are eliminated because it is your service provider that builds and maintains your server.

If you choose a dedicated hosting provider then you get the benefits given below.

The most important benefits is that you can use the server exclusively. The server is for your exclusive use alone with no other websites sharing it. You can use the servers full resources. With a dedicated server, your servers CPU and Ram will not get clogged because of multiple users. Your exclusive use assures you that nothing will slow your server down.

Another reason why you should get a dedicated web hosting service is that it enhances the performance and security of your website. Your website will be more stable and reliable if you have a dedicated server especially if there is high traffic in it. You are also assured that you dont share the server with malicious websites or potential spammers. So, a dedicated server also enhances your security. If you handle sensitive transactions, then this server is for you.

You get more flexibility with a dedicated server. Your server can be customized for your unique needs for CPU, RAM, disk space and software. Shared hosting limits you to what is already loaded on the server. They can offer resources that you dont need. With a dedicated server you can choose platform and software beneficial to your site and allows you more control of server configuration.

With a dedicated server you have a unique IP address. If you share a server with a malicious site or a spam site, your website ranking can go down. Having a unique IP address is very important to businesses that run e-commerce sites that require SSL for credit card processing.

Overhead cost for purchasing and maintaining equipment is eliminated with a dedicated server. If you want an inexpensive way of accessing the resources of a full server, then you need dedicates hosting especially if you dont have time to manage a server yourself. It is the responsibility of the service provider to build and maintain server equipment. If you get a dedicated server then you greatly reduce your overhead costs and improve your ROI.

It can be costly to have dedicated hosting services. But if your site deals with a lot of traffic or has great customization and security needs, then a dedicated hosting provider is your best option.

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