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Role of Vitamin C for A Healthy Skin

Ascorbic acid, also known as Vitamin c is a common ingredient that is used for maintaining a healthy skin. Vitamin C is antioxidant and thus offer sun protection. When you apply this compound, it means that your body will be protected from the damage of the free radicals. It is vital to note that you are going to get a lot of inflammation in case you have too much free radical in your body. Some of the antioxidant effects that vitamin C affects your skin include reducing the release of cytokines, an inflammation compound. The compound beside helps in reducing the death of premature cells. Vitamin C is not a replacement of sunscreen, but it offers excellent protection against the sun.

Vitamin C is essential premature aging. When you apply this compound; it is going to reverse the appearance of the wrinkles. Ascorbic acid triggers the production of collagen in your skin. Collagen will make your skin thicker and thus will not show wrinkles.

Vitamin C is used in dealing with hyperpigmentation. When you are exposed to the sun, or there are hormonal changes which causes darker areas. Ascorbic C help in the reduction of melanin in your skin. Melanin is the one which is responsible for the darkening on your skin; sun increases the production of melanin.

When you are buying a vitamin C product, an indispensable thing for double-checking is its form. The product that you are purchasing should contain L-ascorbic acid, which is the most effective form of vitamin C that is used in the skincare. Pure ascorbic acid has been proven by the dermatologist to penetrate the skin barrier best. To ensure that you get a double benefit from the same product, vitamin C is combined with vitamin E. With this combination, you get the best protection and benefit in your skin.

According to the report by the skin experts, vitamin C in serum is more effective than cream and toners. Skin is a sensitive part and thus you should make sure that you have reviewed the product that you are purchasing. Derma Essentia is one of the best vitamin C serum that you will find in the market. You should make sure that the serum comes in a dark container; this is because ascorbic acid bread down when exposed to UV light.

There are a group of people who should avoid vitamin C. For the people who have sensitive skin, they may have allergies and redness from the ascorbic acid. For the people who have a sensitive skin, it is advisable they start by using a lower level of the ascorbic acid. To test whether there is any allergic reaction on your skin, you should identity a start area where you are going to do the testing.

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