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How To Effectively Protect Yourself From Dust Explosions

What do you know about dust explosion? Before you can figure out the effective ways in preventing possible dust explosions in the future, you need to be informed about what dust explosions are, in the first place. After all, it can be quite difficult to control something you know nothing about. Dust explosions happens when mixture of flammable chemicals mixes with normal air – it tends to burn off rapidly, causing and explosion; this cases are fairly common in workshops where there are dust clouds. Dust explosions can be quite scary especially if you are totally unaware that these are possible just through the accumulation of dust – what’s more, there can be enough flammable materials that can sustain a big fire, enough to consume an entire business, building or property.

Dust particles can be dangerous in such a way that just some kind of hit or a little ignition can already cause a combustion – and this situation is heightened if the dust particles are able to move in many different directions because it will be even more prone to getting heated up thus it is more likely to explode. Containing these dust particles or cloud in one area doesn’t minimize the risk – in fact it will just make it worse because a combustion that occur in a small, closed space will build up the pressure and cause an explosion for sure, not just a simple fire.

The good thing is that these dust particles that can be the root of explosion can take some time before it builds up, which allows you enough time to figure out the right actions that should be done to prevent an explosion from happening. Before you think about the right explosion suppression system, you need to think first about the cause of such explosions – in order for you to figure out the perfect way to avoid it. Dust explosion can be set off by mechanical failure as well as friction, so it appears to be seriously risky compared to gases and solvents. Solvents and gases are actually less flammable because these things are lighter than dust so the flammable can easily dissipate in the air, making it less flammable than dust, which tends to settle together in one area because it contains much heavier particles.

To keep these explosions from happening, it is important to install a dust explosion suppression system. You can plan and oversee the installation of a proper dust suppression system along with a professional. In order to install the right explosion suppression system, explosion vents and explosion panels should be added to your system or structure. Of course, this can prove to be a tedious task if it is done by yourself, which is why a professional’s assistance is necessary.

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